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trueNSU Calendar

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October 1 - October 7
Intramural Sports : 7v7 Soccer
11:30 AM
Education Abroad Fair
11:00 AM
Civic Engagement and Volunteer Fair
7:00 PM
Sharks On The Scene: House of Horror
12:10 PM
Tools for Success: Mastering Introduction to Psychology
4:00 PM
Dodge For Donations
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October 8 - October 14
Intramural Sports : 7v7 Soccer
12:00 PM
Intramural Sports : Tennis Singles
12:00 PM
Intramural Sports : Tennis Doubles
October 15 - October 21
Intramural Sports : 7v7 Soccer
8:00 AM
OUTDOOR ADVENTURES : Canoe Excursion Trip
12:10 PM
Tools for Success: Honing Your Writing Skills
12:00 PM
Wellness Workshop: How To Stay Healthy In College
11:00 AM
Great HealthWorks
4:00 PM
Sharks On The Scene: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Florida Panthers
12:00 PM
Weekend Programming: Game of Thrones: Trivia
5:30 PM
SLCE : Service in the city
12:00 PM
Wellness Workshop : Fuel Your Gains
5:00 PM
Men's Soccer Tailgate
October 22 - October 28
Intramural Sports : 7v7 Soccer
7:30 PM
Halloweek 2017 : Halloweek Carnival of Horror
12:00 PM
Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
11:30 AM
Trick To The Treat Of A Research Or Internship Experience
4:00 PM
Halloweek Zombie Tag
9:00 AM
Make a Difference Day of Service: Open Canvas Art Project
12:10 PM
Tools for Success: Winning at Math
7:00 PM
Career Labs, Goodwin Edition
2:00 PM
Weekend Programming: Sharkscape Room: Escape the Tank
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October 29 - November 4
Intramural Sports : 4v4 Flag Football
12:10 PM
Tools for Success: Refining Your Note-Taking Skills
6:00 PM
Trunk or Treat: Celebrating a NSU community Halloween

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